Signature Cocktails

Signature Cocktails

Seasonal Cocktails

Spring / Summer Cocktail Selections

The Dove Cup

Muddled Strawberries, Pimms & Ginger Ale $6.5


The Dove Bellini

Thyme, White Peach Puree and Cava $7.5


Dove Mojito

Raspberries, mint, lime, Chambord, rum $6.5


Apricot Margarita

A margarita using Red Jacket’s Apricot Stomp $7.00


Blackberry-Basil Collins

Tanqueray Rangpur , basil, blackberries, lime $7


Smashed Cherry Lemonade

Muddled lemons & maraschino cherries, vodka $6

Signature Cocktails

The Standards


The Dovetail

Coconut Rum, Midori and Tart Cherry Juice $6.00


Castle Street Cocktail

This is delicious! Stoli ohranj, Grand Marnier with pomegranate, lime and strawberry-apple juice! $6.50


The Dove Cosmo

Our twist on the traditional cosmo. We use tart cherry juice! $6.50


The Bellini

Sparkling wine & you choice of Blood Orange or White Peach $6.50


When Doves Cry

Tanqueray Rangpur with Red Jacket’s Purple Apple Juice and tonic $7.50


From Geneva with Dove

Whiskey, Amaretto and Tart Cherry Juice $5.50


The Gentleman’s Refresher

A bottle of Pabst and a shot of Powers! how simple it is.$5.00